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Down and out round about
finding there's no waking up of this hell I'm breathing in
my parents just don't understand
they punish me with an iron hand
finding there's no way to get out
we sail around the world party with some cannibals
maybe they will be my new best friend
or maybe they will eat me for dinner
gonna buy me an island a palm tree beach to get away
maybe I won't have to go home or be told to go away
because I don't want to have to deal with it
I don't want to understand you are just a fucking hypocrite
yeah oh yeah
you with all your lies
everyday my life
don't wanna take it
no more your shit
oh yeah
My girlfriend dumped me yesterday
could not think of a word to say
screamed and hollered and let it all out
there was no reason to talk about
thought of all the things we did or didn't do
maybe that why she left me for you
now that day has turned into a year
cause all those times I could have been holding you near
you were nowhere in sight you disappeared
I find it hard to look away that dark and dreary day
for in my world you took a piece of my heart
a piece that was looking at getting caught
you found that piece I no longer hold
that piece is something I cannot control
now your with him and not with me so I just say
go to hell

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